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The Need of Greatness (Unique Reflection)

If all the minds thought alike, the world would have a lot on its hands to process where we came from and what we were meant to do. We are made to think indifferent from each other to know there is something greater that connects us all, however different we may be, a power that gives away to feeling and makes the best use of knowing how to handle other’s need is the greatest of efforts.


I think about myself often as with the intuitive awareness I possess gives me the ability to read my and other people’s energy (emotional states) pretty well, but rarely do I give myself out to be the talk of the town, but lately, that has changed. I have had time to put my life together now, everything I am and want to become. I’ve been told by a medium I am a prophet and interpreted that to mean I have a message to bring to people. It’s not unusual people would take that as a statement that this medium is trying to sucker me into her readings because of the importance she put on me, but trusting much of what she said, a lot adds up now. An angel guide reader told me that I am to raise the level of consciousness in this world as a teacher archetype. And only now am I starting to know what that means…to me.

I say “I” a lot, rarely do I want to admit this, but this is because my perspective is important to me. It serves me and I never say as a matter-of-factly, knowing that it is just one point of view to know so many people see in different ways. I suppose this brings me to Anthropology, the study of humanity…Where can we being? We can’t even begin to fathom the depths of how many characters in people or the cultures others ritualized and understand their way of life. The imagination is so vast and the myths of which people live by and endure, how can we begin to comprehend and understand what has made us into a spiritual entity. What we do have in common is ‘we go with what works.’ A way to progress, be it to understand diversity or being apathetic to balance one’s life or culture. The only one statement I agree on giving people a negative space is people, as conformed, don’t need a reason to go to war or harm ‘the other,” Those who choose to follow each other and mirror a life that is not religiously lived their own.

In a dream I had the other night, there was a place that represented the earth. A university, high school and elementary school all in one, as a giant learning facility. I learn from earth directly and its lessons on an esoteric level through what I suffer from and see other’s suffer from, I transform into a natural creative work of new collective ideals that solves problems in the world. If our minds interpret what we don’t know, maybe it is our job is to consciously know what we interpret so we are aware of the capabilities we have.

Anyways, back to the dream. I was in the high school, representing the earthly realm. There were two classrooms with an open wall. I, alone, sat one classroom and the rest of the students filled the other classroom. They returned to me with pictures of faces and connections on their sheets of paper while I was handed a piece of paper and it was blank. Now, I know I will not connect to a lot of people deeply in this life, but for the few that I have, I am grateful.  They made me aware I am here to teach older souls and this makes me feel as if I am from the future. Younger souls…tend to be a pain in my ass. I still have trouble understanding why a healer archetypes go through the trouble, if not torment to help them rise up to another level of love. I truly believe out highest form of healing is understanding, our diversities and our faults to wisdom.

Change The World

Recently there was an anime that quoted, “I don’t know who I am. However, now, I do not think that is important. I am a Vessel. I can become anyone. If so, I shall become the king that everyone needs me to be!” And I have heard many times, “Who you are is what you do.”
The belief we are committed to using our own life and purpose to change other lives. That wisdom….our life is in use for others. That is what changes the world for everyone.


We are said to create our future, but it is more of shaping it through another shape. Creation is not as simple of making something from nothing. It is the same as the fact energy cannot be created or destroy, we are merely changing our future through a temporary shape. Nothing is as easy as it appears, only as easy as you make it appear.

Freedom Forest

I believe we all walk through the same forest. Through the same chaos and collaboration. But I don’t know what my fragile heart is made of now… Every tree has been cut down in my forest and it’s an open path. I can’t say I’m afraid. I just don’t know what direction to go in. When so many choices have been put out in front of you, how do you spell out love? It does not feel like using one single word. You are part of that word: Love. So much of it kills me, I want to be there for the people I love, but I do not feel a part of them any longer. Set free into my own wilderness…that does not seem free at all…This is because most times, the most chaotic and confusing times have been the most meaningful and now all that meaning has dissipated…maybe that was the meaning others brought to me and I am to create ultimately, my own. Anyhow, I feel I am lost in what I can only attain as true freedom and I am riveted from understanding its virtues.