The Life Before.

I was meditating and just before I got up… I was imagining I was driving down my road, but I can’t say that was where it was occurring. I watched along the side of the road as people and deer were lined up, walking uphill. It was snowing out as it was winter, icy roads, dark. I meant to pull off the side of the road, but before I did, I shut my eyes and stepped on the breaks and turned the wheel. The car slides, I head towards the ditch, a horrible car accident sound, it was awful. I felt I was falling or colliding with another car or tree, the noise was horrid. Several twisting metals overlapping each other. I shot up out of the meditation. I know I have had other dreams of falling while on a bike or in other vehicles, but felt unlike anything ever like this before.  Could this be my last recent past life?

The name Winston comes to mind.


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