The Path Ahead

You wait impatiently for the next stone to be thrown, but it is you making all the moves. Knowing is becoming and becoming is creating. Create your path. Your reliability only extends so far. All people have mandatory needs that need to be met but their length of time they wait for the opportunity to come leaves them doubted and fooled by who they are. Wish that your being is taken up to a new level for you are a dead end seeking beyond the grave. A living disaster, not a understeering master. See it to yourself you can take up aims and means to pursue a bigger life you have ever dreamed. They will come and cause you great surprise. Promise they are in your best interest to overcome a moral weight so many are tied down too. There is some big news coming your way. Don’t let it waver you from who you are or what you can do. Believe you have more potential than you thought.


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