Freedom Forest

I believe we all walk through the same forest. Through the same chaos and collaboration. But I don’t know what my fragile heart is made of now… Every tree has been cut down in my forest and it’s an open path. I can’t say I’m afraid. I just don’t know what direction to go in. When so many choices have been put out in front of you, how do you spell out love? It does not feel like using one single word. You are part of that word: Love. So much of it kills me, I want to be there for the people I love, but I do not feel a part of them any longer. Set free into my own wilderness…that does not seem free at all…This is because most times, the most chaotic and confusing times have been the most meaningful and now all that meaning has dissipated…maybe that was the meaning others brought to me and I am to create ultimately, my own. Anyhow, I feel I am lost in what I can only attain as true freedom and I am riveted from understanding its virtues.


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