Monthly Archives: September 2016

I hope, I remain, I am.

I know by experience, when you are most alone, you must still say those words. You say, ‘I am Loved.’ And in the contemplation of everything outside myself. When the world does not seem to match what you feel for yourself, for what you can bring to this world, you must contend with the words ‘you are worthy. ‘ To build a world inside yourself is the only way to be (authentic). So much is not worth it to be compared outside yourself. Time is of the body, the mind is in the body, best not waste the time of the body that gives time to the mind. But for everything outside yourself, there is not time to cry over spilt milk. The time is now and now, I can’t find anyone more worthy and I hope I remain lost to this place

Our Unsexy Little Ways

For intelligent minds- imaginative noggins. Reality can sometimes seem a bit dull and mundane. Perhaps some like to believe magic is in the supernatural more than others and in rare instances there is a time we know a wish has come through when we have seen no possible light coming through the dark. However, not every day this happens. We have to downplay ourselves to see magic is in everyday life. The smallest acts of kindness are works of art that never get old. As Albert Einstein said, ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.’” As humiliation may make us feel devalued, we place it elsewhere in the faith of our higher potential to know we can move forward with a gaiety presence, but we must also balance it with value life is riveting in its unsexy little ways.

Befriend Again…

No matter how many times I want to sleep, I need to wake up. I asked for this. How many times I’ll never know, but for once, it came. Darkness. And it comes again and again throughout my life, always present and persistent. Always waiting for its assistant. Me, the light, to work with. Had I not befriended myself before, I would have not befriended myself this deeply now. I do not walk into the darkness…the darkness walks in me and no matter what air I provide it to breath, this acceptance demands a high tolerance. To be asking the ultimate question of which direction do I want to go in life? Knowingly, a direction is more of a narrow path than the open one many people will stagger towards. It’s not easy. Of course not, it never is, but sometimes people have to find a course to take before a course they can count on. A trusted path only comes at the darkest times. That is why I, the light, will walk.