Befriend Again…

No matter how many times I want to sleep, I need to wake up. I asked for this. How many times I’ll never know, but for once, it came. Darkness. And it comes again and again throughout my life, always present and persistent. Always waiting for its assistant. Me, the light, to work with. Had I not befriended myself before, I would have not befriended myself this deeply now. I do not walk into the darkness…the darkness walks in me and no matter what air I provide it to breath, this acceptance demands a high tolerance. To be asking the ultimate question of which direction do I want to go in life? Knowingly, a direction is more of a narrow path than the open one many people will stagger towards. It’s not easy. Of course not, it never is, but sometimes people have to find a course to take before a course they can count on. A trusted path only comes at the darkest times. That is why I, the light, will walk.

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