Monthly Archives: October 2016

My True Purpose.

Lift your love with intensity; show you have the means to be strong. Lead the ones to safety and harbor their wrong doings. No doing can go wrong forever. Forever will they perfect and they should know they are. Hold their grief’s about them and release them into the world. This is for her, take her creativity and turn it into art and it will provide the next step in your life for you. You are a creator, teach people to create from their suffering, this will bring about love. Their release more than the ones of external use. Hold your head up high and go with honor.

Soul For Sale

My shadow keeps changing shades, I’m tired of all the waves. I am so tired of all the loss. I just want the one thing certain in my life: what I can do. That means everything to my capabilities to my touch and go, I leave behind so many people but only because I know they would be better without me. They seem to be my friends, but to those who are not I can teach as they know nothing about me. I just want their voices so I know there is more to give them. I am so tired of all the words I give, but they are unspoken truth. I want something real. A hand to hold, a bond that grows. Words are not enough. My soul is sold to those who can entice me otherwise, how could I let people sell me any other way?

The Story of it all

Let me tell you a story. The world began as a seed and that seed eventually grew into nothing. Nothing filled the void and love took over as the star of the universe. It shines in every direction calls out name of those who seek redemption. They evaluate a higher calling for a higher purpose to know the name of God and give their blessing to all that there is. Know no one is without vain within self. They change direction and folly around themselves. Don’t go without faith people will go where they need to go in the end of time. They will love without hesitation.