Monthly Archives: December 2016

Found in a Lost Soul

A boy who’s lost all understanding to this world only to create a matrimony of his own perception. A ritual and sacrifice he lives to bare. Knowing within that without those lost souls near by no purpose my stem from his roots. He lives to grow as an inkling, baring the seed of what it was first meant to become. A harmony in which blossoms fastest. Evolution is this flowers nature of change, not the adaptation of others. Survival is godforsaken, only to bring something new to this world each and every time he gives and sacrifices his life away.

Indifferent inside

To be different, makes you feel alone… When in solitude for so long, you never think you would feel alone again. It’s quite the baring to change your character and keep to yourself. Being one of kind… it’s hard to know who else to be with, but yourself. As you embrace your self-beliefs you can only image what is better out there for you. I suppose other people feel this too… the only upside to this is you learn to embrace people’s uniqueness and indifference. The only upside needed. Being alone serves the purpose to understand we are more connected at depth than we can possibly imagine. The people you need, attracted to your different space of aloneness– individualism, will come. You would not want someone to accept you if you were not fully yourself because then you would never be truly fully accepted.

An Offer

Just give me a world, just one and let me thrive through it faster than the clouds can pass over head. I want time to no longer define our actions, but kindness to determine our place in life. To follow through with our disposition, to get out of the way of ourselves so we can get into the way we wish to travel. A reality we no longer climb up or down, left or right, but expand in all ways to reach out those with compassion. To take the hand of the people we want to inspire and love so we never encircle ourselves and run into the person we used to be. It becomes no longer a direction…but an offering, a choice into so many possibilities it gives you your freedom for better or worse. Together, freedom will mean so much more than to just one world.