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Love In Between The Lines

See through the veil people are not so different from their lovers and feel that all things come and go at a loss of time in between. This love does not separate us, but makes us feel in between the lines of what else is possibly out there. We need to feel what’s out there to know what is in our hearts.

The Story of it all

Let me tell you a story. The world began as a seed and that seed eventually grew into nothing. Nothing filled the void and love took over as the star of the universe. It shines in every direction calls out name of those who seek redemption. They evaluate a higher calling for a higher purpose to know the name of God and give their blessing to all that there is. Know no one is without vain within self. They change direction and folly around themselves. Don’t go without faith people will go where they need to go in the end of time. They will love without hesitation.

I hope, I remain, I am.

I know by experience, when you are most alone, you must still say those words. You say, ‘I am Loved.’ And in the contemplation of everything outside myself. When the world does not seem to match what you feel for yourself, for what you can bring to this world, you must contend with the words ‘you are worthy. ‘ To build a world inside yourself is the only way to be (authentic). So much is not worth it to be compared outside yourself. Time is of the body, the mind is in the body, best not waste the time of the body that gives time to the mind. But for everything outside yourself, there is not time to cry over spilt milk. The time is now and now, I can’t find anyone more worthy and I hope I remain lost to this place

Know and Be Known

It’s to do with knowing and being known. I remember how it stopped seeming odd that in biblical Greek, knowing was used for making love. Whosit knew so-and-so. Carnal knowledge. It’s what lovers trust each other with. Knowledge of each other, not of the flesh but through the flesh, knowledge of self, the real him, the real her, in extremis, the mask slipped from the face. Every other version of oneself is on offer to the public. We share our vivacity, grief, sulks, anger, joy… we hand it out to anybody who happens to be standing around, to friends and family with a momentary sense of indecency perhaps, to strangers without hesitation. Our lovers share us with the passing trade. But in pairs we insist that we give ourselves to each other. What selves? What’s left? What else is there that hasn’t been dealt out like a deck of cards? Carnal knowledge. Personal, final, uncompromised. Knowing, being known. I revere that. Having that is being rich, you can be generous about what’s shared — she walks, she talks, she laughs, she lends a sympathetic ear, she kicks off her shoes and dances on the tables, she’s everybody’s and it don’t mean a thing, let them eat cake; knowledge is something else, the undealt card, and while it’s held it makes you free-and-easy and nice to know, and when it’s gone everything is pain. Every single thing. Every object that meets the eye, a pencil, a tangerine, a travel poster. As if the physical world has been wired up to pass a current back to the part of your brain where imagination glows like a filament in a lobe no bigger than a torch bulb. Pain.

– Tom Stoppard

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

“You want a question that goes with the answer 42? What about, what’s 6×7? Or, um, uh, how many Vogons does it take to change a light bulb? Here’s one: How many roads must a man walk down?”

“Hey, that’s not bad.”

“Fine. Fine, take it, ’cause my head is filled with questions, and no answer to any one of them has ever brought me one iota of happiness. Except for one. The one. The only question I’ve ever wanted an answer to. Is she the one? The answer bloody well isn’t 42, it’s yes. Undoubtedly, unequivocally, unabashedly, yes. And for one week, one week in my sad little…blip of an existence……it made me happy.”

“That’s a good answer.”

A Brilliant Young Mind

“I’ve been trying to work it out. But…I found a formula. I just can’t understand it.Well, as far as I know, Nathan, no one ever has.”

“I know that when… When I’m around her, my brain works differently. And my body feels strange and I don’t know what it means or why it matters.”

“Why it matters?”

“It matters because…Well, when… When somebody loves you, it means that they see something in you…That they think is worth something. So it sort of… It adds value to you. But it can be hard…You know, when you love someone and they… They show no sign that They love you back, then ifs…Then it’s unequal. Or, um…When… When someone you love… ls subtracted from you… Then it feels like, you know, that your value is less than it was. Does that make sense?”