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I can’t think any other way. So I want to stand, so I can be challenged. ~ Kane Alexander McIntyre


Upon waking up…

January 30th, 2014

I felt like I had my whole day planned out. I was going to watch some anime, but didn’t feel like it, I’ve done it too many times. I was planning to take the bus to Kings College and felt I have done it a hundred times and didn’t know where I was going… I was going to meet up with a girl I knew, but before that I took the bus and I arrived at a big wooden old abandoned bridge. I walked across with old friend to his house, there ware a few danger signs on the bridge. At his house I told him I was going to see the girl. The bridge broke on the way to my house. It was getting dark out around four and I decided to skip seeing the girl and go home to watch anime instead.

It turns out both of them JUST deleted me off Facebook the night before without my conscious knowing…

Eaten Alive

I had a dream this morning: my parents were planning to eat me alive. So I was planning to run…and did run away. They ate my brother. Pure cannibalism it was. It seemed so real, although a couple times I did wake up that night.

In the morning I told my mom about it and she said: “Without a job you get no money and with no money we get no food so we will eat you if you don’t get a job.”

Thanks Ma XD Good to know my brother never had a chance :p

Selfless Dream

This is a dream about a feeling of someone I once very much cared for.

She was crying in my room, as I was in bed. She says, “I’m so tired, I want to sleep.” and the bed was already full of all my other friends. I thought about what she meant and selflessly gave her my spot and told her to let go. I went to go do what I love elsewhere: write. I gave my heart to love and let the that part of me, her, be.