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Keep going

I used to think I was nothing, nobody and now I think I have the greatest ability of all- to help others in their need. All we have to do is focus on what we’re really good at and keep improving on it.

Those Past Life Feels and Falls

Could it be, time can be one, like yesterday never passed and tomorrow never came? Two mouths never separated and love stayed spellbound for so long. The human transcendent art overcame our hearts and we dive within to meet our loves again. How romantic, how true, let it be, let it be you- because with us two, we can do anything. We can do all, so let us fall into this rhythm of sacrifice that saved us. Years ago, the feeling of peace in a time of war we gave our hearts and swore, never to leave each other and hold arm to arm again. So let us fight this war, keep our vow and find the peace that was ours. Sacrifice, heartbreak and our time now. In our timeless abyss we’ll remember it all, so will you love me, all of you, will you fall?

The Life Before.

I was meditating and just before I got up… I was imagining I was driving down my road, but I can’t say that was where it was occurring. I watched along the side of the road as people and deer were lined up, walking uphill. It was snowing out as it was winter, icy roads, dark. I meant to pull off the side of the road, but before I did, I shut my eyes and stepped on the breaks and turned the wheel. The car slides, I head towards the ditch, a horrible car accident sound, it was awful. I felt I was falling or colliding with another car or tree, the noise was horrid. Several twisting metals overlapping each other. I shot up out of the meditation. I know I have had other dreams of falling while on a bike or in other vehicles, but felt unlike anything ever like this before.  Could this be my last recent past life?

The name Winston comes to mind.