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The Need of Greatness (Unique Reflection)

If all the minds thought alike, the world would have a lot on its hands to process where we came from and what we were meant to do. We are made to think indifferent from each other to know there is something greater that connects us all, however different we may be, a power that gives away to feeling and makes the best use of knowing how to handle other’s need is the greatest of efforts.



We are said to create our future, but it is more of shaping it through another shape. Creation is not as simple of making something from nothing. It is the same as the fact energy cannot be created or destroy, we are merely changing our future through a temporary shape. Nothing is as easy as it appears, only as easy as you make it appear.

If We So Choose…

Sometimes we feel the cruelest events that occurred will take away a part of someone…but if we so choose to accept it, maybe this event has given someone the understanding they are missing something in their life and needs to make amends for it. To focus on their truest need. I truly wish you nothing, but the best.

Why do people suffer?

Because love throws all our weak spots at us to strengthen and what is strengthened is done out of creation. In creation, we have made our own joys and to say the uniqueness of our own individual joy sets us free is say we are free from the suffering. We progress to enjoy these moments and it takes self-reflection to see through our suffering. Through it, we can inhabit our own change of ways. Become Love


When things start to feel edgy (as in stuck on a cliff), an answer will arise. You don’t have to jumping off to look for the answer. Part of having a leap of faith is letting the other piece leap to you. (Somewhat like clutching in sports. When under pressure of the time limit, you push yourself for the goal, also pushing yourself under the anxiety that throws you off focus. But once you focus your attention for the love of the game every possibility opens up again.) Looking for that sunset to arise. It will, give it time and more importantly, patients. (IT HAS TAKEN ME FOREVER TO FIND THAT ONE GREAT METAPHOR FOR THE CLIFF. LO AND BEHOLD!)

A Pipe Dream

A dream may seem unattainable, but this is only because we feel we do not see them through towards our perfected image as we imagined it so. This does not mean we show our lack of potential. This means a dream is a mere self-reflection of a better cause we wish to endure than an effect that had happened or perceived painful to us in the past. When we know it is a reflection(such as in a prison) we can know where we stand. When accepted, the results reveal themselves to us and what’s real, becomes real.

If we always waited until our results were perfect, we would only be waiting. Your full image must be changing, must be imperfect to always have that wish fulfillment so it will have better outcome and further productivity than what it could be to you alone . Imperfection is never mundane, whatever you do in the long end will be about giving to others of your sense of the world. As long as you are service to yourself, what could you do wrong? There is nothing to worry about when others show up on the same path as yours. A dream is a progress, not a moment in time.

All of us, start before we are ready. In our desires, all will not come at once, but they will be there, at some point, to support us.