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Depth to the World

When you express and share your values, it creates a path so people can follow it back to you. Leading people to understand your means gives them the chance to see an in-depth world they can be a part of.

Delusion Is The Enemy

People speak about stigma as if it’s something to defeat. Mental health is already won when we accept it’s an alternative way of being, a life to be shared, there is no threat unless we create it.

The World is Changing.

“No one is going to change the world for us”– but for the time-being until people realize they are in control of their lives, someone is. And I don’t want that someone to be anyone that does not have control over their own lives. So that is why people who understand the world must take a stand however short-lived their leadership is seen and however devalued by the collective over time, its importance is greatly met with expression of need for the ones who wish to be the change of the world, do.